Lan H. Lee

Lan H. Lee is a self proclaimed foodie, gamer and writer. Being the oldest daughter of two working parents, she had to learn at an early age the workings of a kitchen and how to craft wonderfully tasting dishes. To the delights of everyone around she continues to hone her skills in the kitchen. Just ask anyone who has tasted her 'concoctions', especially her cookies.

Her favorite game of all time is Tomb Raider. Although she likes the first person shooter games, she prefers the elements of being brought into an another world with an awesome story line.

Her love of movies, especially Sci-Fi led her to her first writing experience, a screenplay. 20 yellow legal pads, a set of index cards, and an unaccounted number of black gel pens later, she finished her first manuscript, a YA novel called, Dledro.

Finding she had a love of writing, she joined a local writing group, which has given her the necessary feedback and most importantly they are her own personal cheer leading squad. She is also a member of Writer's League of Texas and you can find her Meet the Members interview here

You can find her at any given moment writing several different projects at a time. Her writing 'mates' call her crazy but that's just how her mind works. Even though her writing is mainly in the fantasy world she does venture into modern day and sci-fi. 

Final note she would like you to know is, be patient, believe in yourself and your work, find a small group to join (everyone needs support), and always, write, write, write.

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