Solange Hommel

Solange Hommel is a former elementary school teacher, newly transplanted to central Texas from northern Minnesota by way of southern California. She spends most of her time writing contemporary short stories and flash fiction, although she also has a novel of dubious quality lurking in a desk drawer thanks to NaNoWriMo 2011.

She likes the rush of adrenaline she gets when she hits "Submit", so she regularly enters writing contests. Her collection of rejection letters is an inspiration. She was recently crowned Write Club 2016 champion at the DFW Writers Conference and received Honorary Mention in the 2016 Jory Sherman Short Story Contest from the Northeast Texas Writers Organization.

Currently, she has two main writing goals: productivity and community. To this end, she's joined a few writing groups. The camaraderie, inspiration and accountability that comes from having a peer group has kick-started her writing and increased her weekly word count. She particularly likes swapping beta-reads with her writing buddies.

Her husband and several four-legged roommates keep her company near Austin, TX. When not agonizing over comma placement, Solange likes to play board games or work on one of her many cross-stitch projects. She also posts her thoughts at and stalks … erm … admires other writers on Twitter as @SolHom.

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