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What Your Astrological Sign Says About Your Creativity

"As the Sun travels through the stars, it brings out the character of each zodiac sign, giving each person unique artistic abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Each sun sign has its own creative focus, style, and aims to draw different artistic techniques, tools, and materials." (Source)

Humans are creative beings. But why? I've always been interested in what makes us artists. What drives us and inspires us to use our imaginations? I've explored music and creativity and now I'm wondering if some part of that ingrained motivation to create has less to do with biology and more to do with Astrology.

I'm new to this kind of study of self. Naturally, I looked it up. 
This video is short and sweet and gives a quick history lesson, too. 
Check it out to find out why I am focusing on the Hellenistic system in this post.

As a scientifically minded person, some of this seems like a stretch to me--but so do some of the items on this 'scientific' list. (Source)

AND... the suffix ology does mean the study of... which combined with the historical uses and multicultural aspects of using the stars as signs, leads me towards keeping an open mind about linking Astrology and the science of creativity.

After all, Albert Einstein did say:

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

While researching for this post I came across several descriptions of creativity models; my teacher friends will recognize some of these.
How does Astrology explain creativity in individuals, or how can creative individuality be explain through Astrology? Apparently, like any science, it takes many years to become an expert at seeing and then calculating all the information to answer that. Which leaves me out.

Instead, I'll just tell you if these descriptors about Geminis match me and if I think they have any connections to the four creativity models listed above. Keep in mind that Gemini individuals are really made of two minds (twins)--right away I am thinking that divergent thinking will be involved.

My Art Style

My duality should be a strength lending me to balance two lives and two personalities, think of this as life versus art. Finding this balance allows me to find artistic pursuits blended with other work. If I do not find balance, conflicting ideas can scatter my mind. (Source)

TRUE. In my case this could combine linguistic and intrapersonal intelligences with cognitive and spontaneous creativity. I do a lot of work on the fly and tend to make odd connections.

Creativity and Well-Being

I nurture my creativity with...*drumroll*....Words and more words. I'm happiest when I write down my favorite stories and am even happier to tell them to you! (Source)

TRUE. When I find a great story to share with my students or friends, my appreciation of the art is high (see Bloom's Taxonomy above) because I have to find a way to explain why I've placed that literary piece at the top of my list. Also, hello, I write stories and that takes me to the top of Bloom hierarchy. By bringing together all the elements of story telling I am also using convergent thinking.

Personal Style

I have an inquisitive, active, outwardly focused relationship with the world. I am objective. Travel and education are my friends. I need to get out into the world and mix it up, so a style that is up-beat and expressive, while letting me move and multi-task is essential. Accessories help be express my personality. (Source)

SORTA? This is me when I was younger. My friends and I would make regular visits to a huge Goodwill store and search for the most unique items we could. A favorite was an old, wool army jacket which I thought was fashionable, yet had a flare of grunge-this was the mid 90's near Seattle. Come to find out just this year that my dad (a Viet Nam vet) found it very disrespectful but let me try my style anyway. Now, I like the odd top or two and I have a thing for jewelry. Hubby bought me a lovely, large, armoire-like box. This has got to be intrapersonal intelligence and deliberate creativity.

Color Preferences

I am drawn to and represented by cheerful shades of yellow.

TRUE. I've been contemplating painting a wall in my home yellow and think the most beautiful building I ever saw was plastered in a buttery-golden clay. I read that yellow relates to learning and works with the left/logical side of the brain where it stimulates our mentality and perception, and inspires thought and curiosity. This is all about divergent and emotional thinking.

The Moon Made Me Do It

We can even try to boost our creativity by learning how our signs react to the moon. Ever hear of a crazy night in the ER near the full moon? It's because the moon can "heighten thought activity, especially when it comes to the creative thought processes." During a waning moon we tend to reflect and therefore more reflective artwork is made and more creative projects are completed. The waxing crescent is the time for generating new ideas.

MEH. Personally, I'd have to pay attention to see if this one works out. However, I can say I've witnessed how a whole school can go a little nuts-o on the day of a full moon.

It's Elemental

Your type of creativity is dependent not just on your sign, but also your element. Geminis are AIR people who are creative with words and relationships. They love writing, listening to and collecting info, and going on the internet to study things. (Is this me or what?) They love to plan and are great directors. (I am a bit bossy.) They need someone to bounce ideas off of-their creativity requires partnership. (Hello writing group!) They love to take classes and go on retreats, and they love teaching. (Hold the phone!) (Source)

FREAKY TRUE! This pulls together parts of all four of the creativity models.

I think I better stop here. I'm starting to get a little weirded out. Follow some of the links above and let me know if YOUR Astrological sign and element are in line with your creativity style.

Bonus**For more reading, try this article explaining five more creativity theories or this one about understanding Astrology.

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